Bambii Lamb brings synthpop to Gainesville

"Lamerson’s theatrical presence and poppy sound set her apart from the local male-dominated rock and punk scenes."

- Kristine Villarroel, Independent Florida Alligator

Gainesville pop artist Bambii releases ‘about her’

"Under the façade of inviting instrumentals and easy, ear-catching melodies, Bambii is rolling her eyes, scoffing at the trappings and tropes of what it means to be a teen girl today. She takes these expectations and subverts them, tackling convention with a spark of sarcasm and an air of nonchalance about the whole affair."

- Heather Bushman, Independent Florida Alligator

Introducing: Bambii – about her

"Since it features a dreamy, unique soundscape, I appreciate this track a lot. Synthesizer melodies, for example, are great. Throughout, a funky rhythm stands out."

- Lefuturewav

Gainesville artist Bambii releases new single ‘Red Corvette’

"Her light vocals soar over dreamy guitar melodies that call back to ‘70s soft rock and early 2000s alternative pop. It’s a sound that she and her longtime collaborator Zachary Rodriguez created together from their affinity for a variety of genres."

- Heather Bushman, Independent Florida Alligator

Bambii – “Sunsets”

"A gently pulsing synth loop complements dazed vocals to start, exuding an enjoyably nonchalant feel. The “eternal sunshine,” hook plays with hypnotic, dreamy allure. This particular moment, occurring before the first minute mark, informs listeners of Bambii’s striking melodic prowess."

- Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound